Terms and Conditions


To the customers purchasing products of MG Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “MG”):

In your ordering and using MG products, regardless of your supplier, the following Warranties, Limitation on liability and Precautions in using MG products shall be applicable, unless otherwise stated in our catalogs, specification sheets and instruction manuals, etc.,

1. Warranties

  1. Warranty period

    MG products shall be warranted during the 36-month period following the date that they were shipped, unless otherwise specified in our instruction manuals and catalogs, etc.

  2. Warranty scope

    In the event that MG product has any failure in the proper use under the normal installation environment during the aforementioned warranty period, MG shall, without charge, replace or repair the said product at the place of purchase. Notwithstanding the foregoing, any failure falling into one of the following shall not be covered under this warranty:

    1. Failure caused by inadequate use or handle by any person including the customer other than MG (hereinafter referred to as “a third party”);
    2. Failure caused by the use, handle or store deviated from the design specifications or installation conditions set forth in our catalogs, instruction manuals or specification sheets, etc.;
    3. Failure caused by natural disasters such as fires, floods, earthquakes, or lightnings, or force majeure such as pollution, salt or smoke damage, corrosive gas or abnormal voltage;
    4. Failure caused by any modification or repair of MG product by a third party;
    5. Failure caused by other reasons than MG product such as use of unspecified power or malfunction of connected devices;
    6. Failure caused by neglect of legally obliged security or maintenance service;
    7. Failure caused by neglect of necessary measures at alarm operation of alarm devices;
    8. MG product purchased from other than MG’s authorized distributors or resellers, or the purchased MG product already used;
    9. Components or consumables of MG product reaching the end of their life due to wear, using-up or aged deterioration;
    10. Failure that could not predicted by scientific or technological level at the time of the shipment of MG product; or
    11. Failure that arose from any reason objectively not attributable to MG.

    The term “warranty” as used herein refers to the warranty of MG products alone, and MG shall not be liable for any damage of systems or connected devices arising out of the failure of MG products.

  3. Failure out of warranty scope
    1. Upon your request, MG will repair the defective MG product for a fee which the aforementioned warranty scope does not cover.
    2. Principally MG shall neither investigate the cause nor prepare a report for such failure. Consult MG for such service. The customer shall be liable for the cost. The actual expenses shall be charged.

2. Limitation on liability

    1. The liability of MG shall be limited to MG products alone. MG’s sole liability is the replacement or repair.
    2. MG shall not be liable for the customer for any damage of measurement or control systems, or connected devices arising out of the failure of MG products. The liability of MG shall not exceed the individual price of MG product on which liability is asserted.
    3. In no event shall MG be liable for any special, incidental, consequential or other damages, costs or expenses including, but not limited to, loss of profits, inconvenience or loss of use of any equipment.
    4. The aforementioned limitations on liability shall be applicable regardless whether or not damage or other compensation is based on this warranty provisions, acts of injustice (including negligence and product liability), contractual or other claim, may not be applied however pursuant to legally mandatory provisions.

3. Precautions in using MG products

    1. MG products are designed and manufactured for general industrial use. MG products shall not be used for applications require extremely high reliability and safety, such as nuclear power control facilities, radiation-related equipment, railroad, aircraft or vehicle facilities, aircraft, space or undersea installation equipment, or medical equipment used to maintain human life.
    2. In the use system, you are required to take safety measures such as the use of MG products with allowance in their rating and performance, installation of alarm and safety equipment for the whole system, and design securing safety.
    3. In combining MG products with non-MG products, you are required to ascertain the related standards, laws and regulations, and the suitability of MG products with your system, machinery or equipment at your own responsibility. MG shall not be liable for any suitability.
    4. You are required to confirm the instruction manuals and specification sheets of MG products and fully understand the prohibitions and precautions in use concerning safety, in order to avoid their improper use and unforeseen damages. MG shall not be liable for the quality, performance, functions and safety of the said products in case of their use against such prohibitions and precautions.

4. Changes in specifications

Product specifications and accessories are subject to change at any time for improvement or other reasons.

5. Changes in warranties

MG Co., Ltd. may change a part or all of this warranty upon announcement or dissemination to customers by the means MG considers appropriate, and the warranty after its modification will be applied since the change date.

6. Scope of services

Prices of MG products do not include any charges for services such as dispatch of an engineer. Consult MG for such dispatch. MG shall not provide any services as set forth above in a nuclear power (radiation) controlled area and at a place where the level of exposure of its radiation is equivalent to that in a nuclear power controlled area.