PC Recorder

Data collection software

The PC Recorder Series provides a low cost industrial grade data acquisition system using free combinations of remote I/O hardware and monitoring / recording software.

  • Log, trend, analyze and profile process signals with your PC
  • Data collected by PC Recorder Software: PC Recorder Light, MSR128 and MSRpro
  • Modbus RTU or Modbus TCP/IP (Ethernet) network
  • Full featured PC Recorder Software MSR128 for monitoring up to 128 channels simultaneously
  • High speed sampling 50 ms / 8 ch with the basic software PC Recorder Light
  • Client/Server System MSRpro for monitoring up to 2048 channels
  • Complete lines of our company's remote I/O products are available to accept a wide variety of field signals

Field I/Os connect directly to the remote I/O modules and data is transmitted via Modbus RTU protocol over an RS-485 network.
Ethernet network, Modbus TCP/IP protocol, is also usable either directly by Ethernet I/O modules or via a protocol converter by Modbus RTU I/O modules.

Complete remote I/O lines including R1, R3, R5, R6, R7 Series, are available for PC Recorder applications. They can handle not only temperature, millivolt/voltage/current or discrete signals, but also other field sensors such as strain gauge and pulse generating pickups. Furthermore, a wide variety of power measuring modules for AC voltage/current, watt/var and energy inputs are ideal to monitor and analyze energy consumption trends in detail by production line to build up a new energy saving scheme.

The R1M, R2M and RZMS/RZUS modules are shipped with the free MSRPAC software package which includes the MSR128 and the PC Recorder Light. These economical modules are ideal for small scale temperature scanning applications such for silos, furnaces, ovens in many industrial fields, greenhouses, hydroponics plants, machine test benches and weather monitors. By using the universal input module RZMS/RZUS, other types of sensors signals, e.g. vibration, can be monitored together for failure analysis applications.

PC Recorder Software / I/O Modules